Dare to Grow Texas is an interactive workshop designed to sharpen a woman’s mind and engage her heart by offering a variety of diverse, interactive learning sessions.

We dare you to build on what you already know and be your own superhero!

No matter your age, confidence is enhanced when we stop being fearful, take action instead of procrastinate, and practice engagement instead of avoidance.  You CAN change your game with valuable, hands-on experience that is applicable to your world. Jump in!  Do the work.

What you’ll learn…

  • Photo Fabulous: perfect your skinny pose
  • Personal Defense: situational awareness
  • Vision Boarding to Happiness
  • Expand your IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME using FB LIVE!
  • Live and work drama free
  • Sell Yourself 4 Success
  • Play BIG in Business
  • Credit 101: secrets to raising your credit score
  • Lightness in Leadership: which leadership style to use and when
  • The Mane Way: home hair care
  • From self-sabotage to self-empowerment
  • Health, Success, and Productivity
  • Winning the Budget Battle
  • Creating Real Wealth
  • Cell phones:  little device BIG RISK!
  • Discover your decorating style 
  • Breathe…stretch…and grow taller with Pilates  

Which attendee are you?

img_msTrendyMirrorMs Trendy.  Pick up your badge on Saturday morning. Prepare to be better equipped to boldly enrich your life, lead those around you, and connect with other like-minded women!


img_msTrendMaker Ms TrendMaker (VIP). Enjoy an extra Friday afternoon session then meet the speakers and sponsors at the evening reception.  You, too, will leave feeling positive, confident, and smarter – with growth that can be measured, not just great ideas!

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