Speaker Registration

Welcome to Dare to Grow Texas Speaker Registration! 

Our registrants want to experience your leadership and grow into being more confident leaders, themselves.  But life shouldn’t be all work and no play!  Knowing how to maintain a sense of humor or emotional balance even during chaotic moments is a treasured gift.

Providing a free valuable download as well as a few personal things about you such as your favorite recipe, a stress reducing activity or an unforgettable lesson learned will create a deeper connection with your audience.  Registrants will choose their sessions and we want them to look to you as a potential mentor they can trust to take them to the next level or stay in touch until they are ready to move forward. One night stand’s are kind of icky!  Let’s do what we can to start a relationship worth building upon.  

Please read the Speaker Rules and Regulations

Complete and submit the registration form below to be directed to the payment portal.  We look forward to working with you!

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