New Year Resolutions Around The Globe

January is the most popular month for resolutions.  It’s a month for focused energy so you act on your resolution. Did you know most promises for the new year are centered around personal improvement? All around the globe, experiencing success in one area of life sparks a desire to have it in every area.

You may be surprised to learn that while the most popular resolutions vary by country, they are all still very similar.  Some of the most common resolutions in the U.S. as well as in the far East, such as China and Japan, are to lose weight, get fit, quit an addiction, save money, make more money, start a business and travel more.

So, what’s on YOUR list of New Year’s resolution?  Starting NOW – one step at a time – will help you maintain a success mindset as your progress will keep you excited to see even greater results.

May taking action on your 2019 resolutions result in tons of blessings!


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