Terms and Conditions of Mastermind Participation

Terms and Conditions of Dare to Grow Texas, Inc. Mastermind Participation

The purpose of this document is to set forth the terms and conditions under which the Participant and Dare to Grow Texas (DtGT) agree to jointly engage in a mastermind training program.

Both Participant and DtGT stipulate that they agree that:

  1. DtGT shall have the right to take photographic, video and/or audio recordings of the mastermind session or sessions by any means desires, and Participant acknowledges that all such recordings are the sole property of DtGT, and further, Participant acknowledges that DtGT shall have the right to use or distribute any such recordings in any print or electronic or digital media or channel of distribution without restriction by Participant and without compensation to the Participant.
  2. DtGT’s right to use recordings shall have no expiration date.
  3. DtGT’s shall have the right to sell or transfer ownership rights, in full or limited, to any other party without the permission of Participant and without advance notification to Participant of such sale or transfer.
  4. All mastermind workshop materials and content are the solely owned property of DtGT and are copyright protected where indicated. Participant shall have permission to use the materials solely for their own personal benefit but are not permitted to make copies or to transfer or distribute any materials without express written permission provided by DtGT to Participant prior to such transfer or distribution. Participant may not display or share DtGT materials in print or electronic or digital form without express written permission from DtGT.
  5. Participant hereby expressly releases DtGT from any liability for damages or injury that may arise out of the use of DtGT mastermind materials and workshop information as employed or used by Participant in business or life.
  6. Participant hereby acknowledges that any claims of benefit or success that Participant may expect to receive as a result of participating in the mastermind workshop that have been made verbally by any DtGT representative are not validated by this agreement and further expressly understands that prior experience and results achieved by other mastermind participants are no guarantee of benefits that Participant may depend on receiving.
  7. DtGT shall make every reasonable effort to provide Participant with a valuable and rewarding and enriching mastermind workshop experience.

By signing this document Participant expressly states that they have read the entire document and understand that this document is an agreement that has long term binding effect.

To sign this agreement, please download the document here, sign and email back to us at register@daretogrowtexas.com, or simply bring it with you to the next Mastermind.


Dare to Grow Texas, Inc. P.O. Box 2067, Addison, TX 75001

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