One morning I thought about a friend of mine whom I hadn’t communicated in quite some time. I mentally sent out a message to her that we needed to talk. She called me that afternoon. I decided to take another way to a meeting. It turned out the original way had an accident.

Have you ever just thought of somebody and the phone rings and it's the same person? How are we able to cause these things to happen? It is our natural intuition at work. For years we have been told that we have this thing called intuition and that we should pay attention when it directs us. The problem has been knowing how to direct your intuition to work for you.

Over 50 years ago a gentleman by the name of Jose Silva started studying psychology and intuition to help his children do better in school. What he discovered is that we all have the ability to increase our intuitive ability and be able to direct its capabilities for our best and highest good. From 22 years of research he developed methods that can be used by you and me to tap into our subconscious mind and actively use intuition. There are three things we must learn to do in order to improve our abilities in this area. The first is learning to meditate in a manner that slows our brain waves down to what scientists refer to as the alpha level. This level taps us into our subconscious and is the brain wave level you achieve when in a hypnotic trance. A 10-year research project at Newark College of Engineering revealed that executives whose companies have the greatest increases in profits score way above average in precognition – predicting the future – using their intuition. They were found to dip into alpha when contemplating a decision.

You can begin learning to go to alpha by taking 20 minutes a day in a quiet place. Count backwards from 100 to 1 while breathing slowly. When you are able to do this without falling asleep, you can effectively meditate to the alpha level and then go to the second step. The second is to learn to visualize what you want in your life. We communicate with one another physically, emotionally, and mentally through language (verbal and body). Words
accompanied by pictures can be akin to being on the “Super Highway of Manifestation.” We then deliver this picture to our Tutors, Guardian Angels, or Counselors who in turn will work to have what you want happen or appear. Thus, I pictured talking with my friends while dipping into the alpha state.

The third can actually be the hardest and that is releasing the picture from our consciousness with
the knowledge that it has already been accomplished. We just have to wait until the solution
shows up in our life.

May peace, joy and happiness be yours.

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