Speaker Application

Dare to Grow Texas is an interactive workshop designed to feed a woman’s heart and mind by offering sessions that address hard and soft skills. This workshop is about engaging her in the subject matter not just hearing about it through a lecture.

We believe that when we actually do the work confidence soars, emotions calm, and we’re better equipped to perform at a higher level by combining hard and soft skill learning opportunities.  We want her to identify her level of expertise and to take the steps needed to grow stronger in the subject.

Our goal is for each registrant to leave feeling positive, confident, and smart – not exhausted with an armload of papers. We want growth that can be measured, not just great ideas that will never be acted upon. We want her to know you are the one to call when she is ready to take the next step. 

Speakers will provide hands-on, experiential exercises to do during the sessions. Sessions are 75 minutes; with 4 sessions going simultaneously. Registrants will choose the sessions she attends. Speakers will also provide a free download to be included in the newsletter to registrants as well as other items of interest about the speaker.  Plus, engage with our DTGT Facebook group.

Please read the Speaker Rules and Regulations

Approval to be a Dare to Grow Texas speaker is a multi-step process.  First, complete the Speaker Application. Then we will call to discuss the workshop and the interactive experience you can provide a registrant.  We look forward to the conversation.

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