Ruth Hunter Hill


Teacher. Student. Accidental Influencer.


After working in several professional roles including Project Manager and Director of Human Resources, I am so happy to be in the business of providing professional marketing services. Producing creative print and digital marketing collateral and managing social media is exciting and professionally fulfilling.

However, my passions for cooking (and eating – YIKES!) and helping women of all ages will always prevail.  I have had unique life experiences that, when shared with others, often provide a beacon of hope.  I believe that God chose me to experience certain things so I can help others through similar challenges.  

Women – especially our younger women – have expectations placed on them by their biological and societal families that are impossible to live up to if they want to retain their own dignity and self-respect. After years of serving women through personal contacts and charitable organizations, I am thankful to be part of Dare to Grow Texas. My prayer is that young women will be drawn to the event, and will leave with uncompromisable self-worth that can’t be shaken by the demands of the world beckoning them to ‘fit in.’

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