Dare to Grow Texas is an industry innovator in helping women enhance the skills they need to succeed at work and home. This workshop is about engaging her in the subject matter not just learning about it through a lecture.

Who is she? She’s Ms TrendMaker and Ms Trendy

Speakers will provide progressive educational workshops offering relevant hard and soft skill subjects.  With over 300 professional and entrepreneurial women in attendance, Dare to Grow Texas represents an excellent opportunity to meet and engage the largest buying population in North Texas.

Please complete the Partnership Application form. We will contact you to discuss which commitment level best fits your company. Partnership programs start at $4,000.

Our Partners enjoy the following perks:

  • Recognition and exposure as a leader in the movement to empower women through mentoring and training
  • Branded as participating in opportunities designed to increase women’s leadership skills they use at work and home
  • Partners’ logo will be included on the Dare to Grow Texas website Our Partners page
  • Partners’ logo will be linked to a page on your company website
  • Included in a social media marketing campaign
  • Meet our attendees
  • Introduced by a Board Member at events
  • Front of the room talk time
  • Partnership Package details

Questions? Call Julie Thurburn at 214-232-2200 or via email to

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