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Pilates was created by German born Joseph Pilates during his WWI work camp interment in England. He was a very sickly child and created the various exercises to build up strength and stamina. In 1926, he opened up his studio in New York City next door a ballet company. His method which he coined “Contrology” was a big hit with the dance company because they could continue to train while injured and lose ground during the convalescence. The Pilates movement principles are Whole Body Movement, Breathing, Balanced Muscle Development, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision and Rhythm. With these guiding principles, clients experience improved coordination, increased strength and mobility, sense of well-being and self-awareness. 

During the hour mat class, we will go thru a variety of beginner and intermediate Pilates exercises that will prepare you for the day.  It’s a chance to try something new, knowing there’s a modification if needed, or a progression to challenge yourself, in a safe encouraging environment. 

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MTS-MichellePilatesMichelle LeBlanc Sedtal is a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor thru Polestar Pilates.  An expert in graphic design and website creation, Michelle was inspired to add Pilates to her bag of tools after a serendipitous business meeting with a physician who had Pilates equipment in her office. 

Tired of experiencing severe pain in her knee after having her knee scoped in 2007, unable to easily walk up one step – and overwhelmed at the thought of climbing a flight of stairs – she inquired if Pilates could help with her knee pain.  Soon Michelle started working with a certified instructor once a week. 

Not only did her knee pain subside, she gained strength throughout her body.  In 2015, taking a leap of faith she signed up for the certification courses.  It was a big leap having no athletic ability that did not extend past her high school and college marching band. 

Because she’s never been an athlete and has dealt with severe pain, she understands how hard it is for someone, who is deconditioned, to overcome physical challenges and become stronger in their everyday lives.  Clients often tell her they feel taller, breathe better, and have gained a better sense of self.  All of these outcomes are possible when working thru the Pilates principles of correct alignment, breathing correctly and elongating thru the spine.

Michelle also has assisted training college and professional college football players.  Many professional athletes understand that they can sustain fewer injuries on the field as a result of Pilates exercise. Tennis, golf, soccer and any other rotational sports athletes experience similar benefits of Pilates with reduced lower back pain or injury.

She has served as a volunteer to City House, Inc., a local non-profit organization that serves abused and neglected children. She serves on the board for Aging Mind Foundation, raising money to further the research in Alzheimer and dementia.  She also enjoys helping young women achieve their life’s dreams of attaining a college education by serving as the Director of IT for EWL’s Board of Directors.

Michelle and her husband, Mike, live in North Plano have been happily married over 30 years. Michelle is the proud mother of two children and grandmother of two grandsons. She has many interests and talents including gardening, knitting, painting, gluten free cooking and spending quality time with friends over wine. A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Michelle was raised in Beaumont, Texas.

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