Gretchen Martens

Vision Boarding to Happiness


We went to the vision board parties and we update our vision boards every year. We post motivational quotes on the fridge and affirmations on our bathroom mirrors. So, why do so many of us struggle to find happiness? Gretchen has always believed that we are not defined by our circumstances. We are defined by our heart, our soul, and our spirit. We are whole, perfect, and complete wherever we are at on our life’s journey. Gretchen’s research in Bhutan, the country that launched the global happiness movement, validated her belief that true happiness comes from inside. In this interactive workshop with Gretchen, you will learn how you can begin to cultivate authentic, resilient happiness.

  • We will explore the different meanings of happiness and how they can detract from our own sense of happiness
  • We will begin to create personal definitions of happiness that reflect our values and deepest desires
  • We will share practices that create a happiness mindset
  • We will create Happiness Vision Boards that align with our deepest Selves


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Favorite Recipe
Every Christmas Eve, we have the same meal: fondue cooked at the table, garlic bread, and salad. Dessert is always my grandmother's chocolate sauce over ice cream (either vanilla or peppermint) and homemade cookies. Click Here to Download
Something Quirky About Me I am an improvisational comedy performer at Dallas Comedy House. Brain Wearing Pants is a two-woman troupe that focuses on women's issues and women's empowerment through comedy.
Favorite Relaxation Tip

Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart center. Close your eyes. Take four deep breaths in and out, doing four counts in and four counts out. Sit quietly for a minute or two, allowing yourself to be enfolded in the peace and gentleness of the present.

Favorite Quote

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
The Buddha



About the Speaker

MTS-gretchenMartensGretchen is an author, speaker, coach and happiness expert. She is committed to creating a future where all people and communities thrive. Gretchen’s work on happiness blends three decades of work as an anthropologist, ontological coach, experiential educator, and improvisational comedy performer. She spent April 2017 in Bhutan studying happiness in the country that launched the global happiness movement. Her newest keynotes are “Think Like Bhutan: Life Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth” and “Lead Like Bhutan: Leadership Lessons from the Masters of Conscious Capitalism.”

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