DtGT Holiday Bazaar Application 2018

Prospective Vendors

The DtGT Holiday Bazaar will be held on Thursday, December 6, 2018. 

To ensure the bazaar is engaging to our attendees and profitable for our vendors, we work to offer a wide range of items, limiting similar vendors as much as possible.

We have 40 spots available and will give special consideration to those who sell high-quality, unique jewelry or personal care items that are either handmade, fair trade, or not widely available.

Set-up will occur from 4-6pm on December 6.  Applications will be reviewed by the DtGT Board and accepted vendors will be notified by November 5; full payment will be due at that time.

Thank you for considering the DtGT Holiday Bazaar.  Please email your questions to daretogrowtexas@gmail.com.

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