Beverly Fells Jones

The author of “Manifesting The Life You Want, Prime Directives for Abundant Living,” other books and articles is known as the “Silver Fox of Consciousness.”  Beverly Fells Jones has helped many learn and apply techniques to their lives which quiet the old negative mental programs and replaces them with a new empowering voice which programs their mind towards success.

Beverly had a successful corporate career with IBM (29 years) and Hewlett-Packard (12 years) and was the go to person when computer software systems were not working properly. Over the years she developed the ability to get to the root cause of issues quickly and easily even when it appeared the issue was somewhere else. This ability aided in her transition, after retirement, to a career as a Certified Hypnotist Coach.

Beverly takes this laser focusing ability into her coaching and hypnosis practice which helps her in clearing away stumbling blocks to her client’s success. She is a master at peeling away the layers of limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep a person from

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